Dr. Sung Wan Kim and Dr. Lloyd Johnston will be just two of the presenters at the 12th US-Japan Symposium on Drug Delivery Systems.

The 12th US-Japan Symposium on Drug Delivery Systems will be co-sponsored by MIT’s Langer Labs and Kyoto University and held on Monday, December 16, to Friday, December 20, 2013.

Dr. Kim is a Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Bioengineering. Dr. Kim has been engaged in drug delivery research since 1974. He has focused his attention in the areas of hydrogels, biodegradable drug conjugates, self-regulating drug delivery and stimuli sensitive polymers.

Dr. Kim's present research includes design of novel polymers for the delivery of protein drugs, cells and genes. He will be speaking on polymeric gene delivery; specifically for the treatment of myocardial infarct.

Mr. Lloyd Johnston is currently the Vice President of Pharmaceutical Research and Development at Selecta Biosciences. He will be presenting on the topic of engineered nanoparticles for novel immunotherapies.

Other presentations will address topics such as self-assembling peptides, protein delivery, immunotherapeutic approaches to cancer, synthetic blood, therapeutics, drug delivery microchip, programmable nanomedicines, gene and cell delivery, tumors and vaccines.

Other researchers may submit their abstracts which will be compiled into a Symposium Abstract Book to be disseminated to symposium registrants.  Abstracts are to be submitted on line by October 1st 2013.